Blazing Boots Canada

Welcome to the official website for Blazing Boots Canada! Even if you're not a part of our organization, or have never attended one of our events, we hope that you can stick around and see what we have to offer!

About Us

The group known as Blazing Boots was formed approximately 15 years ago when a small group of people took over a weekly line dance evening with some used equipment and nothing to loose.

When the regular instructor we had hired could no longer work a regular Friday night gig into his schedule, I took over the instruction duties of 1 or 2 songs at each dance.

Soon after we started our first class in Brooklin, Ontario on Thursday nights. That class is still going strong to this day. I now teach 2 evenings per week, run monthly dances and an all day workshop twice per year. Please have a look at the rest of the site for more details, photos, and choreography. Hope to see you soon and thanks for visiting our site!


- Rob McKean


Due to the long weekend there will be no class on Tuesday Sept. 2

There will be no class on Tuesday Nov. 11

Recent News

Dec. 17, 2014
Tuesday Classes resume on Jan. 6, 2015

Dec. 17, 2014
Thursday Classes resume on Jan. 8, 2015